Cody Rapp

Say hello to Cody Rapp!


Cody is from a small college town in western Pennsylvania called Clarion. The very same town that Clarion University – a ReUp partner – calls home. Cody has strong roots in Clarion, having graduated from the town’s public schools as well as college. Throughout his time at Clarion, he was also able to serve the community through his role at the town’s Chamber of Business and Industry.

“I love being from Clarion! It’s taught me the importance of small-town values, and I take them with me wherever I go,” says Cody. “Everyone knows everyone. That’s something you can’t find everywhere.”

Cody is one of ReUp Education’s founding College Success Coaches, helping Clarion University students re-enroll and pursue their dream for a college degree, every step of the way. Let’s get to know Cody a little bit more.

Cody at his college graduation.

Q: What’s your college-journey story?

I honestly wouldn’t have it made it through college if I didn’t have strong-willed and supportive mentors – my first boss from my campus work-study job, Erin, and my leadership advisor, Kelly. Both mentors nudged me to both discover myself, articulate my aspirations, and tap into my leadership skills. They pushed me to succeed.

With support, sacrifices, and personal determination, I graduated from Clarion University early, and with multiple leadership and internship experiences under my belt. Shortly after, I attended Canisius College, in Buffalo, New York to pursue my master’s in higher education. It really was my college experience that inspired me to pursue student affairs as a career.

During my time at Clarion I was inspired to give back to people in ways that I had the privilege of being groomed and developed. Pursuing a career path in student affairs and higher education just seemed like the right fit for my skills and my personality. My time in college allowed me to imagine, discover, and be who I want to be, and now I strive to help students do the same for themselves.

Q: How would you describe ReUp Education to a stranger?

ReUp’s mission is to make people’s college dreams a reality. This isn’t an understatement. The services ReUp offers are transformational. We are able to work with students hand-in-hand to help students eliminate barriers to enrollment and help them find success and happiness throughout their degree completion and job preparation.

I’m also incredibly excited at the opportunity to be a Success Coach for Clarion University and support students’ re-enrollment journey.

Q: What inspires you about college re-enrollment?

I believe higher education is the gatekeeper for dream careers and lifestyles.

Re-enrollment is a second chance to make a college degree a reality. I understand that re-enrollment is a risk, but through ReUp Education, we can work together to overcome any and all obstacles. To quote “Something the Lord Made,” one of my favorite movies: “Where you see risk, I see opportunity.”

Q: What advice do you have for students considering re-enrollment?

Everything about our life is a choice. Getting up in the morning is a choice. Going to work is a choice. What you eat throughout the day is a choice. We make millions of choices every day.

Returning to school is a life-changing choice. Earning that coveted college degree is a choice. The possibilities you see for yourself is what tips the scale. Trust yourself – make the decision that best aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a health coach and certified fitness instructor. I believe that part of life is personal discovery. When I was introduced to health and fitness, I saw it as a way to develop my mind and body, but what I really found was a network of people who were committed to better health, better families, and to put it simply, better ways of living. Who doesn’t want to live better, right?

I have found my time as a coach and instructor to be tremendously rewarding, not only for what I have accomplished personally, but more so because of the people I have helped change for the better. There are so many people in this world who need to feel like someone believes in them; who want their self-confidence back and need another chance to prove themselves.

I love spreading messages of hope and happiness to so many people through my coaching.